Monday, November 15, 2010

I'm back on my regular plane after that trip to New York... coming back from vacation to homework and reading and presentations isn't something I miss from the first time I went through college ten years ago. It's hard to stay motivated for an entire semester. My old college was on trimesters (quarters, but no summer session) of 10 weeks each so this is the longest I've had to keep my attention and continue to push through, academically. Not super duper fun.

However since the last time I posted, I've gotten officially engaged, so I have a whole other world of distraction! I thought I might be able to stall for a little while, but as a friend sagely told me the day after the proposal took place, "the train has left the station." And so I've tried on dresses, thought about knitting a little shawl for myself, looked at tons of numbers for different venues, and briefly attempted to talk T into a nice elopement. (Not going to happen.) We've got an engagement party planned for next month, the invites are going out today in fact. So crazy.

For now, school. It's nice to have a little reward to tempt myself with for when I get my work done.

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