Monday, January 17, 2011

I'm a dedicated reader of the wed-o-sphere, checking sites like eastsidebride and Once Wed, and A Practical Wedding, and Snippet & Ink frequently. I like to read about the real weddings, to see how creative couples made their own decorations, or cake, or hired really amazing vendors, or threw it all to the wind and had a kick ass party with their fun ass friends, or some combination of those things. But lately I've noticed a lot of brides saying they found their experience disappointing. Specifically I've been reading accounts that their wedding day didn't happen the way they wanted, and that they felt sad, let down, or even devastated. Devastated is a very strong word, especially for a party, especially for a party that's all about celebrating a huge emotional step. It worries me. Where is the disappointment coming from? Some of the frustrated brides have concerns that seem legitimately saddening, like a dear friend or family member not being present through illness, death, or straight up rejection (ouch). That, I have a ton of empathy for, as it sounds downright rotten. HOWEVER. Many of the brides are upset about things like favors not being handed out, or tables not being set right, or flowers coming out wrong, or the sequence of events being incorrect, or... you get the point. It's terrible, though, to be upset by this stuff, right? And yet I can really, really understand how you get to that point. Once you've spent OODLES of money and time making every choice, being pressured from all sides to be SURE and to REALLY LOVE IT, to then be presented with something else is a bit of a mean trick. I do fervently hope I can dodge all of that. I do not want to be a disappointed bride.

OR WIFE for that matter.