Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Freshly back from a trip to New York, and oh my. I understand how everyone and their mother ended up in that city because every time I go I catch myself saying, "I could do this." And I have no doubt that I could, if I had the requisite cash not to live in bedbugs and cockroaches. I'm honest.

We flew in Friday and left Tuesday, which was pretty satisfactory. We ate at some totally ridiculous places so I'm going to brag for a minute. First night, Prune. We had beef marrow because really, how could you not? Also serrano ham and figs, and phở style short ribs, and some cheese and brown bread, and wine, and pumpkin that wasn't all that good. Saturday we went shopping:


Oh clunky shoes. Of John Fluevog. How you have my heart! After shopping we met up with Thomas's cousin and went for a drink, first at Balthazar and then at the Boom Boom Room. We met up with MY cousin then, and all together we then took in a show by Jason Moran at the Village Vanguard. It was really special, totally amazing and beautiful and featured a Ghostface Killah sample as well as a sample of hymns sung by the Gees Bend quilters. Cultcha!

Sunday was a great day too, we met with old friends for brunch at dell'anima and man, do I miss my friends who aren't in the Bay Area any more. These two are really incredible, hardworking intelligent creative and honest people. Sucks to live far away and miss out on so much in each others' lives. They have a 1 year old and we'd never even met her. Criminal.

And then, that night we made a pilgrimage to Babbo. I could not believe the service - the host literally cleared a 6 person table for the two of us. I could have eaten while lying prone on the leather banquette. I started the meal claiming not to like white truffle and ended it begging Thomas to let me rub slices of bread on his plate to get the last of the truffle butter from his pasta. Next time (oh yes, next time) I am totally getting the pasta tasting menu. I didn't even want my entree. Also, the sangiovese we had was basically what I dream about at night. And during the day, some days.

Monday we had the incredible treat of meeting with a friend from the Bay Area who also happened to be in NYC, and happened to be literally across the street from our hotel! We ventured forward from there to the Highline Park, walking underneath the Standard and all around the neighborhood. Someday it would be really fun to stay at that hotel. After our walk we went to McSorley's and drank a lot of tiny beers. Tiny delicious beers. But not too many. Because then we walked to Ko. All I will say about that is: snail sausage.

SNAIL. SAUSAGE. Oh hell yes.

YES! Yes.


snail sausage.

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