Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I've finally gained some employment, which is thrilling for its security and, let's be honest, for its influx of funds. I am not to the point at which I can justify truly throwing down my hard earned dollars for frivolous items, but I am definitely up for making lists of someday purchases. (Being down in the depths of true unemployment does not make for fun "some day!" listmaking, in case you haven't been there.)

For some time, I've been trying to get more girly in my style - cute flat shoes, dresses, leggings, fussy/long hairdos, makeup. And it doesn't quite work. Some of it has stuck, but a lot of it has not. I'll admit it. I HATE FLATS. I look ridiculously short in them. I have high arches and love support, which most flats don't have. And they're often small, delicate, sketches of shoes. I like the look of a chunky shoe. A heavy shoe. A shoe that might as well be an ankle weight strapped on to tone your legs as you go about your business. And, I like practicality. I like a shoe that does not make you sad if you notice that rain is falling and you have to catch a bus. A shoe that does not make you angry if you happen to be in a dive bar and the floor is sticky and someone slops his beer.

This, of course, means I spend 99% of my time in Dansko Professionals. Um, which aren't very cool at all. But... clunky! Practical! Supportive! ... Uncool!

If I had the real kind of cash, like I once had and someday may have again, I would trade my dorky shoes for something more like this classic from Fiorentini and Baker:

Or these Campers:

Yes, really. HOLD ME.

I've tried, I swear I've tried. But even when I cast my eyes toward something more evening-y, more suitable to wear with a dress and a pretty red lipstick, I end up with this:

Vialis, my one true love. You shall be mine.

I used to battle this predilection. No longer. My acceptance can actually be credited to a very random source, namely the Vogue interview with Michelle Williams from last October. "I've learned that I look better with less," she says. "Jewelry doesn't suit me." Now how about that? Obviously I'm not Michelle Williams, but something about her casual admission struck me as useful. Hey, guess what: I don't have to wear things I don't feel suit me, either. Goodbye, flats. Goodbye, earrings. Goodbye, long hair.

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