Friday, January 29, 2010

The ever beautiful andiepants had a post of favorite all-songs-are-awesome albums, which I found inspired. So:

gueroamerican idiotagaetis byrjunlay it downel rayo-xsummerteethwho's nextbeing therecar wheels on a gravel roadgood news for people who love bad news808s and heartbreaksamelie from montmartre

These selections are heavy on the nostalgia... Lindley and The Who are childhood, of course, but they've survived well. 808s was last year, a tough one but a good one. Beck's boopy-beepy "Girl" and Al Green's "Lay It Down" are my current memories, the ones being formed now. Lucinda is... I think she's my summer research album, living away from home and working for the first time ever. American Idiot takes me instantly to riding along Hwy 13 at night in a horrible gold Cadillac singing at the top of my lungs. Good News was the summer of a bad breakup, watching Hana-bi, working a temp job, riding the bus. Agaetis Byrjun was snowy, desperate college, seeing Sigur Rós perform in Minneapolis. And Wilco gets two albums on the list. Those songs take me back to college as well, but my summers of escape, to climbing in Wyoming and Colorado; driving across those big sky states from school, heading west and into sunshine. Take a listen, I've linked to so you can try them on for yourself...

There are more, the more I think about it. Built to Spill, Ancient Melodies of the Future. The Tragically Hip, Phantom Power. Part 2 to come?

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  1. so it took me this long to figure out to click on your name from the comments you left on my blog and discover that you have one too! yay!
    I'm so glad I could serve as some inspiration- I totally agree about Guero and Amelie by the way, so good.