Sunday, March 22, 2009


Greatest breakfast around here was once a ton of tiny pancakes, or dare I say pikelets, or maybe silver dollars, made with butter and served with Grade B (the darkest and the tastiest) maple syrup that we bought in Vermont. But, times being as they are and my pants fitting as they do, I've moved over to the healthier option of Greek yogurt. Fage 2% with a Tb of honey is pretty much golden delicious. T has been on a heck of a tea craze for the last month or so, so we have been having nice hot Irish tea with a splash of milk. I can drink a lot more of it than I can of coffee, without getting those little heart blips that signal too much caffeine going on.

This morning, though, Thomas broke out a serious recipe and made us some blueberry muffins from scratch. I might have to go steal a third... I'll call it my lunch.

Nom, nom.

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