Saturday, March 21, 2009

bienvenue a le coing

Today has started off well. Mr T is out on his bike, while I'm hanging with the laundry and hoping it doesn't rain on him. I made myself a little treat, too. It was a very small treat; I made a pot of my favorite coffee, with fresh beans roasted right in Emeryville, then warmed and whisked a cup of milk.  Together they made a nice morning start. I just put on White Chalk, and it's a very good accompaniment despite being dark dark dark.

The rest of the day, I'd really like to make something. I have two hanks of beautiful fabric, and I want to make something from them that I can touch and see every day... but they're a little too cute to make clothes from (they have owls on them. Owls with hearts on thars!). Maybe a little handbag, maybe a set of napkins?

I'm also hemming and hawing before I launch into my next big knitting project, the Queen Sylvia shawl from Nancy Bush's amazing Knitted Lace of Estonia. I started a little swatch on US2 needles, and it was quite nice but opaque; I think the open texture is actually pretty important with this shawl so I'm going to try US3s next. Luckily, cross fingers, the nupps don't appear to be too hard for me, hoorah. I'd love to tackle this incredible project with the goal of finishing within the year... might be a little ambitious.

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