Tuesday, May 19, 2009


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Whoops, I've gotten behind! Things have been quite busy for me here; this weekend included a lot of family time which was fun and hectic. Sunday we had a mother's day brunch thing at my boyfriend's brother's place, and that was really nice. T's other brother brought his new puppy, who is a ~4 month old Boston Terrier, totally incorrigible. She's a kick and never stops moving! We hung out on the couch eating waffles and frittata, lots of fruit, blueberry crumble.... delicious. Here's little Molly, in motion as usual. This is one of my experiments with actions, I think this one came from Totally Rad Actions, and I think it's pretty fun. It definitely gives a nice summertime saturation flavor, which is appropriate seeing as how this was a lovely hot day.

We went straight from there to my brother's house for a housewarming / birthday celebration. I turned 30 last week so we combined my bday with their wonderful new home, and had friends and family over to help celebrate it all. It was a gorgeous day, very hot and sunny, though their house is directly across from the Golden Gate so quite a bit of nice ocean breeze makes it over the water to them. We had two toddlers in attendance, one 17 months old and the other 19 months, who were just besotted with each other - walked after the other saying, "baby!", gave lemons from the yard back and forth to each other, traded lots of hugs! Both are white blonde, blue eyed babes and it was quite a match. I have some pictures, but hesitate to put snaps of other people's children online.... so you'll just have to use your imagination.

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